Why Book Is Your Best Friend?

You definitely have heard the phrase “Book is a friend and best adviser in the life of every person”. Book follows us on each step of our lives.

Even before birth, many mothers begin to read fairy tales and poems to the unborn child, and after his birth, the book becomes an indispensable attribute. It helps him to develop correctly and gain speech, visual and mental skills.

The next stages are a kindergarten, school, institute, where every lesson needs one or another book. At this time people instill a love of literature, appeared favorite books, writers and poets that inspire him to read. At the end of educational institutions, a person is left alone with literature that is already not educational. And now he makes an important decision whether books will accompany him in life or not.

Why Book Is Your Best Friend?

What Benefits We Get From Books

Literature is capable to change perception, immerse in another world, give personal or everyday advice. Thoughtfully reading a book, a person plunges into the world proposed by the author and begins to live the heroes’ lives. Very often, reading a book becomes a good distraction from many difficulties and problems.

With a proper attitude to literature, a book can turn into a true friend with whom it’s never boring. Book will give advice at the right time and open a huge variety of opportunities. With such a friend you can travel in time, visit different places all over the world and beyond, without getting up from the couch. The book will never cease to be interesting and will constantly teach something new.

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When questions and difficult situations came up, people turned to literature at all times, and this is not surprising. Books take care of the wisdom of the times and describe the life path of a variety of people, ranging from fictional characters to a biography of great personalities.

Having doubts and questions in the soul, the reader begins to identify himself with his beloved heroes. He begins to think that they have the same problems and they are tormented by similar difficulties. This allows a person to seek in a book some advice on how to solve them and, as a rule, you can always find them.

Summing Up

You need to be able to fantasize, try to understand not only the general meaning of the story but the actions and words of all the actors. A correctly understanding of the book is capable to change the reader’s life in many ways. It teaches him to understand other people better and be more tolerant. Get the key to the strong friendship between the reader and the book.

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